Leading Warehousing Solutions Integrators

Due to the strong growth in logistics, the acceleration of e-commerce and the “industry 4.0” trends, the need for optimized order fulfillment, automated storage and material handling is growing.


Royal Reesink successfully responds to this with its Reesink Logistic Solutions Division. Established as leading intralogistics integrators on their designated markets, the companies within the division deliver advanced warehousing solutions that optimally meet our customer’s demands.

Revolutionary warehousing solutions

With over 80 years of gathered experience, the Reesink Logistic Solutions companies are pioneers in establishing the AutoStore system in the western and Central Europe market. Since 2009 we have been convinced of its numerous advantages and have licensed ourselves as a system distributor and integrator.

Market Leader

With a market share of over 50% in Germany and 40% in BeNeLux, we have in-depth know-how as AutoStore integrator. Your on-site services such as building permit, fire protection concept or the connection to the ERP are optimally supported by our team of experts.

Top 3 Worldwide

The Reesink Logistic Solutions Division is among the top 3 AutoStore integrators worldwide. We focus on meeting the highest quality standards and bring unique solutions into each project to implement a tailor made planning and a proper integration of the AutoStore system within each warehouse.

Material Flow Management

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we can support the connection to any ERP / WMS system or to our own customized WCS software LogiCS. The AutoStore system is optimally controlled with through our brand-new and intuitive user interface, revolutionizing the market with a fresh and “less is more” approach. With an automated warehouse system (ASRS), such as AutoStore, this offers an optimal solution for the increasing next-day-delivery demands in order fulfillment optimization, especially for e-commerce.


Robotic Innovation

Another impressive feature of working with us are the pick robots developed by our robotics teams, which offer a fantastic automated alternative to manual picking stations and bring your warehouse one step closer to full automation.

24/7 Service & Maintenance

The real hallmark of our passion and commitment is the 24-hour service and maintenance that we offer our customers. A good partner has to be reliable and above all available. And that is exactly what we have been successfully delivering to all of our customers since our beginning: a trustworthy and 100% reliable partner. We live intelligent intralogistics.



About Royal Reesink

Royal Reesink is a market leading global distributor and service provider for high-quality equipment, components and services for agriculture, landscape maintenance, intralogistics, logistic warehousing and the construction equipment industry. Our customers are logistics centers, agricultural companies, forestry and landscaping companies, municipalities, golf courses, industrial and construction companies, (agricultural) contractors, water boards and (local) governments. 

Royal Reesink works closely with its A-brand manufacturers on cleaner, smarter and more efficient equipment and systems. We have been a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers for more than nine generations. With 35 companies in 10 countries, each with its own market-specific distribution network, we have a strong international and local presence.

We go beyond selling, leasing or renting equipment and systems. In fact, our core business is providing service, support and training during the life cycle of the equipment. With our dedicated distribution networks, we ensure local maintenance, repairs and supply of (original) parts to maximize equipment uptime and minimize the total cost of ownership for our customers.

Although we are a Dutch company with a strong base in the Netherlands, Royal Reesink has a strong international presence in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, Canada and South Africa.



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