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The Maximum Leverage Solution

Why store things like dominos, when we could store them like a rubik’s cube?

It is intelligent, fast, and self-optimizing: AutoStore is unlike any other storage system currently available on the automated warehousing market. It consists of a mere 5+1 components and is able to flexibly adjust to individual business requirements – even during ongoing operation.

Reesink Logistic Solutions creates solutions in all areas of warehousing. We are market leader in DACH and Benelux Areas and have been offering single-source competent services for more than 50 years already, and have been an official AutoStore distributor since 2009.

AutoStore is Built from 5+1 Components

Traditional warehousing systems require space for walkways and machine tracks. By constructing a grid (1), we eliminate the respective space requirements, freeing up the entire available space for use as storage space. Robots (2) travel along the grid surface at up to four meters per second. Containers (3) are transferred to stock, and released from stock by these robots.

Picking and connecting to other warehouse systems is performed at the work stations (4). The controller (5) serves as a hub for the internal data flow and, through a standardized interface, provides easy control and quick inventory data access to any WMS software.

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+1 Our Know-how as DACH & BeNeLux Market Leader for AutoStore

Our years of experience with AutoStore have proven that every smoothly working solution requires one extra component: Know-how. Consequently, not only do we integrate AutoStore into your existing warehousing system in a way tailored to your needs, but we also train your staff in working with the system. Thanks to our customer-friendly support-team, we offer 24/7 service support to all our clients.

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The Grid

The AutoStore Grid (also called a raster) is modular, lightweight, and flexible. It can therefore be adapted and customized to fit available conditions – even during ongoing operations. Installing the system across several floors does not pose any problem, either. The Grid standard components are made of aluminum and are executed as Single-double Grid or as Double-double Grid types. It will take merely a few weeks from starting construction to commissioning, depending on the planned size of the respective system.


The robots travel along the Grid surface and are able to convey loads of up to 30 kilograms. Thanks to their rechargeable batteries, 24/7 operation is easily feasible. Robots recharge themselves automatically at the appropriate times and feed power back to the battery whenever a container is being moved.

Through the integrated energy recovery system, no energy is wasted and power costs are sustainably reduced. As a result, optimum efficiency is achieved as well as an extremely low CO2-balance.

Need to increase throughput?

Additional robots can easily be added, even during ongoing operations.

AutoStore Robot
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By stacking bins (containers), AutoStore saves space to the utmost degree, remains variable, and keeps thinking ahead: the system will recognize those containers most frequently used and automatically place these on top of the Grid. Thereby, a natural ABC structure is created. Containers can hold up to 30 kg maximum load. The material is either polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP-ESD) and can be recycled by 100%.

Maximized Small Parts Storage

All bins can be sectioned into up to 32 compartments and loaded according to need, type and size. We also supply shelf tray pegs for reducing container depth.


Picking is done at the workstations. Items can be easily replanished or picked for an order, either manually or with the help of a Pick-Robot. Quick container changes and full-scale automation between modules render AutoStore operations quick and efficient.




For vertical connections between two  Grids, or for connecting a swing port in the basement floor.


For automated picking at the work  station and connection to existing  conveyance technology. Picking mistakes  are minimized, system performance is increased.



AutoStore is a closed system. The controller represents the connection between AutoStore and the warehouse management software. Through the integrated interface, any WMS may use XML to communicate with AutoStore. This permits full control of operation logistics and exact analysis features.

The system continuously adapts to outside events, like unpredictable order intake or cancellations, by the use of dynamic routing though its software solutions: Planner™ or Router™.


Technical Characteristics


Industrial PC 

For all applications.


AutoStore input and output monitors all  safety components within the system and  supplies power to the AccessPoints.


AutoStore AccessPoints are links used for  wireless communications between  controller and robots.


Uninterruptible power supply ensures  all movement data are saved even in case  of blackout, before it triggers the controller  to perform a controlled shutdown.

Our Know-how

As market leader in the BeNeLux and DACH regions and one of the top system integrators for AutoStore, we have the know-how and the resources to guide you through the optimization process of your warehouse.   

Our teams of experts deliver tailor made projects, being able to accommodate any warehouse, regardless of shape and size.

To ensure that you, as our client, are properly informed, we offer system training courses for users, staff and programmers.

Our service offer also includes a competent 24/7 support, as well as regular checkups and maintenance.

We are here to assist you from planning, consultancy, engineering up to operational use of your AutoStore system and beyond.

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The Advantages of AutoStore


The entire available space is used to a maximum.


AutoStore acts automatically and intelligently.


A system running with 10 robots uses as much energy as a vacuum cleaner.


AutoStore can be extended at any time, even during ongoing operations.


Robots recharge themselves automatically as needed.


The fastest order fulfillment system per square foot in the market.


The highest storage density of any ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System).